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Insuring Your RV

Get the right insurance for your RV

Rec Protect Insurance

Get a quote in seconds with RecProtect.ca and have a policy in place in minutes, 7 days a week! RecProtect.ca offers first class customer service, worry free coverage for the unique needs of trailers, and rates which are lower than their competitors. RecProtect.ca offers insurance on travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, destination trailers and park models. Whether your trailer is permanently parked in an accredited campground, or towed behind your vehicle, RecProtect.ca has the coverage that you need to ensure that your favourite asset is properly covered! Call 888.887.0881 or visit www.RecProtect.ca.


Wayfarer Insurance

Affordable insurance is at your fingertips with Wayfarer Insurance Group. Get a quote for your RV in under a minute. You can customize the coverage and if you’re happy with the quote, request a call back from one of Wayfarer’s insurance professionals.

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